Become ambassadors for your Orchestra!

Why decide, on the outset of the third Millennium, to help our Philharmonic Orchestra?

Quite simply because it is a project for the future, and one that our children will significantly benefit from. Growing up, as they do, in a world dominated by internet, space exploration and satellite television, we believe that children need, now more than ever, to develop a knowledge and a love of classical music, that will make their lives happier and richer.

«Music softens our souls» it is said… it is true and without any doubt it is part of what is best in the human kind. As for the “Great” Music, it allows us to reach that small part of the divine that shines within each and every one of us. This is why the Friends of the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra have every reason to set its sights on a future full of promises. For more than 13 years we make every effort to promote the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra, both in France and overseas, thereby contributing to cultural prestige of the Principality of Monaco. In order to concretely sustain the Orchestra’s; we are organizing and financing tours abroad, and the coming of exceptional soloists and conductors to Monaco. As well, we participate to the production of Orchestra’s recordings.

In order to introduce all children in the Principality of Monaco to classical music, we support concerts tailored especially for them and help organize Chamber Music events in the schools. To help our young musicians in their musical training and education, we provide them musical instruments for the duration of their studies.

These are the goals of the Friends of the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra. We count on you, music-lovers, to help us bring these worthy projects to life.



Priority booking

Exclusive access to general rehearsals

Exclusive access to monthly conferences

Invitations to receptions after concerts in the presence of the performing artists

Organized trips to accompany the Orchestra on its tours

Invitations to gala concerts organized by the Association

Invitation to private recitals

Publication of the names of the members in the programs of the Orchestra and on the web site of the Association


Companies in Monaco and the vicinity are encouraged to support the Orchestra, and benefit of the following advantages.

Advertising on the web site of the Association with a direct link from our web site to the company’s web site

Access to general rehearsals for employees and clients

Organization of recitals for private events of the company

Invitations after certain performances and private recitals will allow a professional exchange between the members

Offer of new recordings of the Orchestra personalized for the company

Preferential ticket rates for employees for certain concerts

Possibility to join the trips organized by the Association, when it follows the Orchestra on its performing tours. This will enable benefactor companies to invite their clients and prospects

The names of the benefactor companies are published in all of the documentations and programs issued by the Orchestra and the Association


The Club Les z’Amis brings together young music lovers from 0 to 24 years old

Do you want to discover classical music and familiarize yourself with the instruments?
Do you want to know the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra?
Do you want to support him and participate in his life?

The Association “Les Amis de l’Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte-Carlo” allows all music lovers to come together to support the Philharmonic Orchestra.
It provides for a large educational program to encourage future generations to discover classical music.

The Musician Friend: you can choose to be sponsored by a musician from the Orchestra and develop a privileged contact with him. Thus, you will have the possibility of attend dress rehearsals before some concerts and receive 2 invitations per year to the concerts of your choice!

Discounts on trips organized by the Association during Orchestra tours.

Possibility of attending before certain concerts at conferences presenting the works on the program.

Participation in Club des Z’AMIS events throughout the year.